CASA DECOR (www.casadecor.es) is an decoration exhibition, which aims to promote the work of professional interior designers and brands and companies related to decoration, luxury and lifestyle. It works as an multidisplicinary marketing, PR and advertising platform, which can involve all sectors related to decoration, design, architecture and art.

In turn, any company wishing to promote a product, material or construction system will find CASA DECOR as a perfect showcase platform.


I developed a modular panel system with Bauhaus-inspired pictogram system in two colors: dark grey and white. The idea is to adjust the panel color according to the wall color: if the wall is dark, the white panels will be more visible (and the other way around).

To resolve the problem of people getting lost, I developed numerical signage, where every exhibition space has it's own number according to the order of the itinerary.

Also, there is a special pictogram that indicates exhibition spaces. There are periodical panels on the walls that indicate "continue exposition" with the mentioned pictogram on it. This way a visual connection between exhibition spaces and the signage i created.